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  • Covid-19 causing trouble for Diversnight

    04 november 2020
    Local restrictions imposed after the recent rise in Covid-19 infections has forced two Diversnight events in Norway to be canceled. Diversnight organizers urge everyone to follow local guidelines.
  • Free pattern: Knit the official Diversnight beanie!

    28 oktober 2020
    Diversnight on Saturday, November 7th is getting very close, but you still have time to knit the official Diversnight beanie! If you have fast hands, you can even make some for your friends.
  • Visit Plura unveils plans for new dive resort

    27 oktober 2020
    Cave diving specialists Visit Plura wants to turn the municipality of Mo i Rana in northern Norway into the «Cave Capital of Scandinavia» and has unveiled $2M plans to build a new dive resort.
  • Is this Norway's coolest nudibranch?

    19 september 2020
    Norway – and the World – has another nudibranch species. The recently discovered Dendronotus yrjargul was found by divers in Trøndelag and has been described by experts at the Norwegian Museum of Science and the University of Moscow.
  • The wreck of German cruiser «Karlsruhe» found

    06 september 2020
    The last of the large German warships sunk during the Second World War has been found at 490 meters depth 13 nautical miles south-east of Kristiansand on the Norwegian south coast. «Karlsruhe» took part in the attack on Norway on April 9, 1940.
  • Yet another nudibranch species for Norway

    02 september 2020
    Nudibranch expert Torkild Bakken at the Museum of Science in Trondheim was surprised when underwater photographer Erling Svensen e-mailed him this image. It shows a species never before been found in Scandinavia.
  • Are you looking for a great domain name?

    21 august 2020
    If you're planning to open an online store and sell scuba equipment to an international audience, you need a catchy domain name. Now you can own
  • New nudibranch species described in Norway

    11 august 2020
    After a few years and studies of hundreds of specimens, a group of scientists based in Bergen, Norway has published the description of a new nudibranch species – Polycera norvegica.
  • Spectacular wreck found near Bergen

    15 juli 2020
    For three years, a group of divers has been working on documenting the wreck of the salvage steamer «Draugen» at 120 meters depth (390 ft.) outside Bergen on the Norwegian west coast. See the documentary here!
  • Norway opens up for dive tourism after COVID-19

    26 juni 2020
    The Norwegian government and health authorities have announced that the border will open for tourists from Schengen and EEA countries from 15 July, on the condition that the COVID-19 infection level is under control in the countries in question.
  • One Ocean Dive Resort with fast, new RIB

    25 januar 2020
    One Ocean Dive Resort on the Norwegian south coast has acquired a fast RIB to increase range and offer even more wrecks to visiting divers. – Now we can dive anywhere from Mandal to Lillesand, says owner Carlo Golfetto.
  • Good news for Danish and Polish divers

    12 januar 2020
    Low-cost airline Norwegian is opening seven new direct routes to Norway this spring, giving European divers even easier access to the spectacular diving on the Norwegian coast.
  • Norway's most famous wreck turns 80 years

    06 januar 2020
    On January 6, 1940, S/S Frankenwald got caught by the current, foundered and sank on the Norwegian west coast. Norway's most popular and iconic wreck turns 80 years old today.
  • Norway's iconic twin wrecks turns 75 years

    16 desember 2019
    On December 16th, 1944 the German freighter MV Ferndale and rescue steamer Parat was sunk by allied aircraft on the Norwegian west coast. Today, the twin wrecks count as the perhaps most iconic dive site in Norway.
  • The story behind Diversnight

    24 oktober 2019
    The international night dive Diversnight takes place on the first Saturday of November every year, and has done so since 2005. Did you know that it all started with pink a lightstick and cake? Read all about it here!
  • Spectacular squid ball video

    16 oktober 2019
    Three divers had a spectacular encounter in the Ørstafjord on the Norwegian west coast when returning from a dive on the wreck of S/S Radbod – a giant squid eggball.
  • Celebrate World Octopus Day

    08 oktober 2019
    Octopuses have three hearts, nine brains and blue blood. A variety of species can be found in around the globe, we're celebrating this amazing creature with some exciting videos.



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  • Spar 1.200,- på Apeks XTX 200/40

    One Ocean Dive Resort i Kristiansand fortsetter garasjesalget, og har knalltilbud på ventilservice, vinge med bakplate, computer, lykter og ventilservice.


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